Selection Sunday

Well, first off, happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone. I took my personal festiveness to the next level. I wore my maze and blue Michigan shirt and sweatshirt. Because, yellow and blue make? Green.

However, today is one of the most exciting Sunday nights in the year. I mean, yeah, school is tomorrow. So I might take that back, but oh well. Tonight is the night where the NCAAM committee determine the seeds for each team in the NCAAM March Madness 64-team tournament.

Unfortunately, Michigan allowed Wisconsin to score 51 points in the 2nd half and went on to lose, knocking Michigan out of the Big-10 tournament, and basically throwing away Michigan’s chances at a 1 or 2 seed. This year, it is very interesting.

I honestly think there are many teams that could potentially win it all. However, it all depends on tonight and where each team sits in the bracket. Personally, I love doing brackets, and participating in March Madness pools. It is so exciting and fun!

This year, I am very disappointed to say that I think Gonzaga is going to be a 1-seed. They had the best record in college basketball, but they played in a terrible conference. They had no good wins, and I don’t think that they are actually that good.

However, my prediction for the four 1-seeds this year are….

Indiana- They have so many ways to tear teams apart, from Oladipo and Yogi Ferrell to Cody Zeller and Christian Watford. The, still, they show their depth with Will Sheehey, Jordan Hulls, and Hollowell. No question, they are by far the best team in the country. Both Oladipo and Zeller could win the Player of the Year award.

Gonzaga- They have a decent center Olinyk, but I honestly think they are really overrated. They don’t have a good resume, except for a terrific record. But, they haven’t played ANYONE good yet. So, the tournament is going to be a huge wake up call.

Kansas- Ok. Ben Mclemore is an absolute beast. Jeff Withey is also very good inside. They are a good team, and I think they’ll get a 1-seed after winning the Big 12. However, I don’t think they are 1-seed caliber, not that good.

Louisville- With their amazing back court that includes Peyton Siva and Russ Smith, Louisville is very skilled. They had a good season, and just won the tough Big East, so they are granted a 1-seed.

Those are my predictions, comment yours!