The Gym Teacher

Everyone has (or has had) that one gym teacher who is simply hilarious. Some have good senses of humor, while others are just hilarious. Our beloved high school gym teacher, for fitness, is quite the character. It’s impossible to leave his weight room without laughing, and you can always look forward to his class.

He’s a fairly short man, probably in his late 40s, with puffy black hair and glasses. He is a die-heart Green Bay Packers, and he clearly wants everyone in the school to know that. On a typical day, he will be wearing green or yellow Packers shorts, with a Packers jersey or shirt. It’s rare to see him without green or yellow on.

Aaron Rodgers, the Packers star quarterback, wears #12 on his jersey. So, for pushups, situps, leg presses, whatever it may be… we have to do sets of 12. It seems that he knows every Packers player ever, as he answers all of my difficult Packers questions correctly. He claims that he went to Green Bay a few years ago, and spent $800 at the Packers Team Store.

He also claims that he wakes up at 2am every morning, watches the movie Rocky, works out, then comes to school. His early morning routine never ceases to amaze and impress people.

He has a signature saying, and just about every student at my school has heard it. When he sees something that is dissatisfying, such as a student not dressed for gym or bad behavior, he will shake his head and say, “Summer school!”

Besides his signature phrase, he has a few other phrases that he throws out to every class:

  • “Hard work!”
  • “Gotta work hard to be hard!”
  • “When in doubt, do pushups”
  • “Stop texting, start flexing”
  • “Don’t be lazy get crazy!”
  • “Hustle, hit, and never quit”
  • “Burn it to earn it”
  • “Are you a man or a mouse?”

…and that’s all he says. He paces around the room, repeating those phrases, decked out in Green Bay Packers attire. He’s that funny gym teacher I’ll never forget.