Springing Into Action


That was probably the longest winter ever. There was a ridiculous amount of snow, and it just stayed there forever. And still, in late March, we had days below freezing. That’s just insane.

This was bad for three reasons. First, I got sick way too much. Second, I slipped and fell numerous times on ice. Third, and more importantly, baseball and soccer came around too fast.

Usually, I play winter soccer, so I’m already in the zone. However, this year I chose not to play two sports in the winter, coming off a torn MCL. The snow didn’t go away until recently, and we have had our first practices for soccer on turf, since the fields are too wet.

I actually thought I was going to be rusty, but for some reason soccer always comes back to me easily. After all, it is (in my opinion) a lot less complex than baseball. Point is, I thought I played pretty well after missing a whole season.

Baseball, is a different story. Opening day is supposed to be tonight. That is unlikely, considering it’s been raining so much. Regardless, I haven’t been on a baseball field in months.

Baseball is a sport that takes time to get into rhythm. I would say a lot of the kids in my league play only baseball, so they are practicing year round. However, I always have a different sport in every season.

So, I haven’t been playing baseball. At all. I am probably going to be pretty rusty, and not so great my first time out on the field. I am really hoping my swing comes back, because I thought I hit the ball pretty well in the fall.

And boy, that swing has been all over the place in the past couple of years, and I definitely know what a slump feels like. If the weather permits, hopefully we can get some practices good practices in, so I get comfortable before the 1st game.

I have several goals this season, but one of them is to master the changeup. Everyone throws a curveball now, but no one really has an effective changeup.Also, the greatest benefit of a changeup is that it doesn’t hurt your arm like curveballs.

Many people have told me to put three fingers on the ball for a changeup. Problem is, I throw my fastball with three fingers, which gives me more control. I personally value control more than speed. And honestly, the three-finger grip is more comfortable for me. However, I’m definitely going to start throwing it with two fingers.

If I can master a changeup, I will have an effective off-speed pitch that won’t hurt my arm. That’s an ideal weapon for any pitcher. And last but not least, there is something else that is a necessity in baseball- looking good.

You have to look sharp when you’re out there. It’s a MUST. I have my evoshields, wristbands, and I ordered my new cleats. Unfortunately I couldn’t get metal cleats since they’re prohibited in the recreational league, but I still got some nice cleats.

As you can see, I’m pretty excited for baseball, and soccer. After all, this is my last spring of soccer and baseball, before I go on to play High School sports. I look forward to finishing my rec baseball and Cougar soccer career!

Middle School Basketball

I vividly remember the day of 6th grade basketball tryouts. I also remember how I didn’t want to tryout, thinking that all the kids were amazing and I had no chance of making it. However, of course, my dad made me do it- and I’m thankful he did.

At tryouts, I was intimated, and nobody knew me. Meanwhile, all the other guys were giving high-fives, and smiling, as if the tryout was pointless. Luckily, I caught the coach’s attention. Ever since then, Coach has always liked me- I think.

Not only did I make it, I was the starting point guard for my first middle school game. In sixth grade, we were pretty good. We ended up with the last seed in the playoffs, and had to play undefeated Verona.

Something obviously clicked, because we pulled off a unpredictable upset, sending us to the championship game. Where? The same place Kyrie Irving won his middle school championship, the same place it’d always be: West Orange.

That was probably one of the best games I have played in, and we came out hot. I remember hitting a three to tie the game with under a minute in overtime, which allowed our shooting guard to hit the game winner with 4.5 seconds left.

Right now, my mom would be saying, “How do you remember all of this?” Anyway, we won.

Seventh grade was a huge wake up call. South Orange got two great players, and they upset us. After that loss, everything went downhill. We lost in the semi finals, to the champions of that year: West Orange.

This year came around, and we already had a few setbacks to start. One of our best players tore his ACL, ending his season. Another good player quit. So we were not very confident in the beginning.

Coach drafted three new players, all of which made immense contributions this year. After playing 2 years already, our team was prepared to get back to the championship.

We did what we were supposed to do in the regular season. Got the 2-seed, and a home playoff game, our first home playoff game ever. The crowd was AWESOME. Big, loud, and rowdy.

We were down at half time. However, the crowd’s energy helped to get us back into the game. I started to hit shots, and so did everyone else. Our team had come together, and we weren’t going down without a fight.

Once we got the lead, we never looked back. The buzzer sounded, and the scoreboard read:

Home- 59

Away- 53

We finished that game on a 30-12 run. We fired up. The championship game, the last game of our middle school career, was just beyond our grasp. So close. Where? Why, of course, the right place for middle school basketball to end: West Orange.

They had won a championship, we had won a championship. This was Game 3, the game that would decide who was the Middle School Champion.

I hate to say it, but we didn’t get the offensive production we needed, at all. Defensively, we executed exceptionally, holding them to 14 points in the 1st half. However, we only had 18. The 2nd half was a little bit less ugly, but turnovers occurred often.

As the final minutes slipped away, they hit shots, we didn’t. We really knew we fell short with under a minute, when the lead was 5 and they were at the charity stripe. We finished with a season low 29 points, losing 36-29.

Despite the outcome, we made it to the end. We fought hard every game and gave every team a run for their money. Except Roseland, we beat them 87-11. This team meant a lot to me, and it sucks that our last game together didn’t go well.

However, I will never forget my middle school hoops team. There was so much talent I can’t even tell you, and not many people can say they were on an 8th grade team with a kid that’s 6’3” (being that I’m 5’3”) and can dunk.

From the first day to the last, I made great memories, friends, and became a solid player thanks to my coaches and teammates.

Another Manning Goes Down at MetLife

Well, it wasn’t so long ago that Eli Manning threw 5 picks against the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. However, many people thought that his big brother, Peyton, would have a much better outing at MetLife against the Seahawks.

It was better, but not by a lot. Right from the start, the Seahawks were in control- literally. The Seahawks had the fastest scoring play (12 seconds) in Super Bowl History with a safety on the first snap of the game.

In the first quarter, Peyton Manning and the best offense in the league couldn’t even get a first down. Are you kidding me? I was willing to bet $50 that Manning would shred the young Seattle secondary.

Manning threw two picks in the first half, one was a pick-6 caught by Malcolm Smith, the Super Bowl MVP. I mean, when it was 15-0 I figured Peyton would heat up and make a run to end the half. I thought wrong.

At Halftime, I could’ve sworn Percy Harvin returned that kickoff. At our Super Bowl party I announced my theory, and everyone went nuts when it came true. That was pretty awesome.

Once it was 29-0, there was no way the Broncos were gonna have a shot. Everyone in the Stadium knew that the Seahawks weren’t looking back. They capped the game off with a definitive score of 43-8.

Honestly, probably the worst Super Bowl I’ve ever witnessed in my 13 years and 364 day life. I thought, no matter who won, it was gonna be a great, exciting game with big play after big play.

Instead, it was boring and not even close. And Richard Sherman didn’t even get to go on a postgame rant! I know it was not classy and all, but it’s still pretty entertaining when Sherman goes at it. Unfortunately, he had a high-ankle sprain in the 4th quarter.

The one positive the Broncos got out of the game was that Demaryius Thomas broke the Super Bowl record for catches with 12.

All in all, the Super Bowl was really bad, but it’s a great excuse to hang with your friends and play “Kill the Carrier” on a school night. So, I’m satisfied anyway. And how could I not, we have a snow day today!



A Day at the Court

Today was an unusual Sunday for Maplewood in the middle of January- warm. And tomorrow is gonna be 55 and sunny! Not too shabby at all.

Anyway, my friends and I had to take advantage of the rare, warm weather. So, bright and early, after a couple of text messages, we got together at the most evident place: The Dawkins’.

The Dawkins are our family friends and they live pretty close to all of us. They have a nice basketball court that is pretty much always available for our use. Normally, we start off with a pickup game, periodically swapping players to make the teams fair.

At some point, it’ll get boring. In this instance, we resort to a tournament, either 2-on-2 or 3-on-3, which is supposedly more entertaining. I would actually have to agree on that one.

But today, today was a different day. We decided to do something different, something unthought of… Something that would change the world. No, not really. But it was pretty fun.

Instead of another pickup game, we had an idea. It all started when we were scrolling through an app called Vine. To sum it up, Vine is a simple social media app in which you post videos, and you see other people’s videos.

At one point, we came across something awesome. It was a video of five guys pull off a ridiculous alley-oop. We were officially inspired.

The first step was lowering the basket, to allow one of us to actually get a slam dunk. Then, the choreography. That was hard. But finally, we each knew our roles and what we had to do.

And yet, executing it was a lot harder than we thought. Only it was then when we realized how many attempts it must’ve taken to put together that Vine video.

After many tries that were so unsuccessful, we figured that we could never get it as perfect as that spectacular Vine video. However, it was determined that we couldn’t just leave our incredible idea in the dust.

Despite our brief disappointment, we put together a solid video of my friend pulling off some nifty dunks….


Maybe, if I hit my growth spurt soon, I will be able to dunk on a regular sized hoop. Well, I probably shouldn’t count on that. But who knows?

I mean, I definitely won’t be able to throw ‘em down like my boy Tim Hardaway Jr. who recently had a monstrous put-back dunk over two defenders. Fresh outta the University of Michigan!

Anyway, maybe we will resume our alley-oop filmmaking tomorrow. However, it was definitely a memorable winter day!

Good To Be Back

It's good to be back. Yesterday was my first game back after missing the first month of basketball due to a torn MCL. The worst part is, I tore my Medial Collateral Ligament in our last soccer game, a game in which we lost 6-0, making our team 0-10 on the season. 

Bottom line, the collision that inflicted this injury was totally unnecessary. That unfortunate collision took place on a Saturday morning, awhile ago. That entire weekend, I couldn't walk. However, my parents insisted that it wasn't anything serious.

By the next Thursday, my parents finally accepted that the swelling and pain wasn't very healthy. So, sure enough, the doctor confirmed that it was bad: Torn MCL, and a tear of the bottom of the quadricep that surrounds the right knee.

Since I am so young, the MCL hadn't fully developed yet. Therefore, I thankfully did not need surgery. In fact, my heeling timetable was much shorter than I thought. But a lot harder than I expected.

I had to painfully watch our basketball team suffer the first loss of the season against Montclair, making us 1-1 on the year. Luckily, games were cancelled due to snow, so I only missed two games.

But of course, I also had to sit out of pickup basketball and football with my friends, along with gym and pretty much the 90% of my life that includes sports. Although, I shouldn't say "sit out", because I always found a way to participate without putting my knee in danger.

On the bright side, I could always watch sports! And yet, I almost couldn't, given that the Knicks are atrocious, the Giants are embarrassing, and I could barely watch Michigan football in their meaningless bowl game last night. Aside from a impressive performance by Shane Morris, TERRIBLE.

Anyway, after a long time, I was cleared to play. Without practicing at all, my first athletic event would be the semifinal of our Holiday Basketball Tournament at Farleigh Dickinson University.

I was so excited to dress up. Suddenly, I feeling of nervousness flushed over me. What if I don't play well? What if I don't play at all? The thought of my knee giving out again didn't occur to me until I was on the floor.

Hey, I was on the floor! But I was nervous. When I first came in, about 12 minutes into the game, I was terrified. But of course, the competitiveness took over. On my first defensive series, Chatam's quick point guard blew past me.

In the 2nd half, I played more. And better. I brought the ball up, staring right at their point guard. I dribbled through my legs, dribbled hard left, hesitated and continued to the basket. I was about to spin, but I felt awkward.

That moment, right there at the block, was the only second I doubted my knee. Instead of spinning, a turned my back to the basket at the block and made a sharp pass inside to our power forward who got the bucket and a foul.

And that was when it all clicked. I never considered my knee again, and I played pretty well for the first game back. No points, but a couple assists and nothing terribly wrong. I was surprised to be in the game with under 2 minutes left, being as close as it was at the time.

But, it obviously worked out, since we are playing for the tournament championship today. And after today's game, it's the SuperBowl: Maplewood vs. South Orange, next Saturday. If you read one of my previous blogs, you'll understand this game. 

I have a basketball tournament championship, and a fantasy football championship today. BIG DAY. Wish me luck! 

Bowl Mania

Unfortunately, the privilege to watch Michigan football on January 1st has been terminated this year. I always look forward to having a big party with my dad's fraternity brothers and their families on New Year's Eve, and then watching Michigan the next day.

However, not this year. Michigan plays on December 28th, in the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl against Kansas State. And for my standards, the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl is a disgrace. But we deserve it. 

When I look back on their season, I think to myself.. "Wow, we were terrible." And we were. Yet, we should have gone 11-1. We were 2 yards away from beating Ohio State, a team that is rightfully excluded from the BCS National Championship.

If Al Borges would've called a good play, rather than a horrendous formation and an inevitable target. Honestly, their entire stadium, and everyone who was watching knew where the ball was going on that two-point conversion.

And yet, they ran the play anyway, capping off an atrocious season. Point is, we should've beaten Penn State, and we would've, if we didn't miss 3 game-winning field goals. Nebraska was a terrible loss, because they were not a good team at all.

 All in all, aside from Michigan State, we honestly should've run the table. However, based on the fact that we were denied the opportunity to play on January 1st, or an even better bowl game for that matter, anyone can conclude that Michigan did not do what they should've and could've. Shoulda Coulda Woulda!

Anyway, this year is the last year of the traditional bowl games. Next year, they'll start the 4-team playoff. I'm not very sure if I like the playoff format or not.

 On one side, I recognize how this system prevents teams like Ohio State (Who went 12-1 playing an awful schedule) from getting into the championship. On the other hand, it sort of ends the bowl game tradition. 

But, I don't really have a major problem with it, so whatever. More importantly, this is the last year for the traditional bowl game format. So, I am going to enjoy it. Also, a bonus would be winning my Bowl Game pool, in which a group of friends and I simply predict the winners of every bowl game and we see who gets the most right.

Here are my bowl picks. 

The highlighted teams are my predicted winners

(The unhighlighted games are the games that I’m having trouble with) Except for the last one, I got Auburn


It is out of 70 points, for the value of each game is a different amount of points. Let's see how I do! And yes, I do think Auburn beats Florida State. For awhile, I was going Florida State all the way. However, I gradually changed my mind.

And yet, what has happened to all the talented offenses that played an SEC team in the National Championship?...Oregon's electric offense lost to Auburn in 2010, Ohio State's electric offense in 2006 and 2007 lost both years to Florida and LSU.

The SEC is just bigger, and better than any other conference. They've won the National Championship the last 7 years! And who has Florida State played? Yeah, they have some really talented players offensively. But so does Auburn! 

I think Tre Mason is going to have a great game as always, but I think the difference maker is gonna be 1. Auburn's defensive line. If they get pressure on Jameis Winston, they're in good shape. 2. Nick Marshall. If he can beat Florida State's secondary consistently, FSU is gonna have a tough night on January 6th.

Today is the day that begins another bowl season, a series of college football games that will go right down to the wire and captivate you from the first whistle to the last. Happy Holidays!

Oh, and by the way... If you haven't seen Anchorman 2 yet, you absolutely have to. It was hilarious! 

The Fall

Fall got out to a great start in the sports world, and in my life. First of all, it's my favorite season. It's not too hot, not too cold, and bug-free (which is crucial). However, things were going TOO well. 

At some point, something had to go wrong. And believe me, it did.I like to call this period "The Fall of Fall", meaning the downfall of my sports in Autumn.

 First, it was the Giants. They started 0-6, and nothing was going well. Recently, they started to play well, but a bad loss to the Cowboys decreased their playoff chances.

Personally, I think it is ALL on Eli Manning. Before, people said he isn't playing well because they haven't established a running game. Andre Brown is rushing well, and the results aren't that much different. The passing game is still pretty darn awful.

The defense has finally stepped up, led by our new MLB Jon Beason, who is great. The defense has been holding up, running game is effective, it's just Eli Manning isn't throwing the ball well. That's why the Giants are 4-7. 

Next, it was Michigan football. Devin Gardner was supposedly a Heisman candidate, and Michigan was supposedly a top-25 team. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Gardner might be the worst QB in college football.

His decision-making is so awful. The offensive line is atrocious, along with the running game. I don't even know what else to say! I hope Shane Morris proves himself next year. 

Gardner fumbles at home against Akron

Gardner fumbles at home against Akron

And then the Knicks. Chandler goes down, and everything goes down with him. 3-12? Are you kidding me? I went to the Clips vs. Knicks game the night before Thanksgiving. I noticed something: Bargnani can't play defense.At all. 

Also, Woodson's rotations are so terrible. J.R. Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr. (Slight bias) and Iman Shumpert should play a lot more. Thank god I had an amazing Thanksgiving the next day! 

After all this, I sat back and said to myself: Well, I always got Michigan hoops. After a Championship NCAA March Madness run last year, ranked in the pre-season top-10... We are gonna be great. Then, of course, we lose to Iowa State, and CHARLOTTE. Really? C'mon, man.

Anyway, with all that going downhill, I just tried to forget it all and just play 8th grade hoops, and prepare for the regular season. Last year, I did not have a great season. I turned the ball over, and I didn't shoot well. 

I was determined to start the season off with a big performance, and start off on the right foot.Only, of course, in my last soccer game, I tore my MCL. So until Christmas (hopefully), I am out of basketball. 

Thanks to an awesome California trip for Thanksgivvukah, I was able to temporarily forget all this, and just hang with my family. I repeat, temporarily. The disappointments may have to continue.

Today, Ohio State plays Michigan in football. Michigan plays Duke on Tuesday in hoops. Giants play Washington on Sunday Night football, a game that has a lot on the line. For Hannukah, I want all W's.However, that request is definitely a stretch. 

Hopefully, all of these atrocities can turn it around. Maybe, the Jewish Festival of Lights will give the players spirit to destroy their opponents. Doubt it though, since the vast majority of athletes aren't Jews. But wait till I'm in the NFL, representing the Jewish community! Just kidding. 

Use Your Head!

Despite the Giants' horrific start, I am going to discuss something else that has to do with the NFL. This past Sunday, in Week 7 of the NFL, there were some scary injuries.

At least 8 players were hurt, and Brandon Meriweather was suspended. These injuries included several players that have some solid fantasy value, including Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Jermichael Finley, Sam Bradford, and Reggie Wayne.

Everybody on that list except for Foster and Finley is done for the year. There have been many other injuries in previous weeks, including Randall Cobb, Julio Jones, and David Wilson.

But frankly, I don't really miss Wilson, no offense. Peyton Hillis should be just fine for the G-men. Anyway, football is just turning into a bloodbath. And not just in the NFL....

My friends and I play football a lot in our local park. We are definitely very small, apart from a few people. We had been playing other groups of kids, and absolutely blowing them out. So then, we decided to take on a bigger challenge.

Our middle school is made up of two elementary schools: Tuscan and Jefferson. We are from Jefferson, and we wanted to take on the boys from Tuscan. For the record, they thought they would "wreck us" due to their evident size advantage.

However, we wanted the challenge. So, sure enough, two weeks ago we went to the park and set down the rules. We wore cleats, and our team colors. 5 on 5, no padding, tackle football.

Despite the fact that we are all friends, it turned out to be a sick,intensely competitive game. And we even got a crowd! Aside from that, something unplanned occurred.

In the 4th quarter, when we were up 93-91, one of our players decided to take on the two biggest kids on Tuscan's team. Meanwhile, he is merely 5 ft tall.

He caught the ball down the sideline, and sprinted ahead. The two big defenders closed in from both sides, and then it happened.

Our player made a sharp stop, just as the defenders went in for the tackle. I expected a huge hit, but I saw our player running to the end zone, to give us a two possession lead.

When I ran to celebrate, I realized what had happened. The two defenders, slammed into eachother when the sharp cut was made.

One of their players had blood streaming down his face. We rushed him to a nearby house, and he turned out to be OK. HOwever, it was terribly scary and horrific.

It turned out he suffered a mild concussion, and received 3 layers of stitches by a plastic surgeon. The other defender had a huge bump on his forehead.

An intense, wildly fun football game had turned into much more, just like that. thankfully, both of them are fine now. But, we never got to finish that game...

We probably never will too. I doubt we'll play tackle for awhile now. My point is from that unfortunate story, that football has turned into something else, not just a popular sport in America.

If I was bigger, I might consider playing football. My parents won't, after seeing all these horrible injuries.

Brandon Meriweather drills rookie Eddie Lacy with illegal hit

Brandon Meriweather drills 2nd-string RB James Starks with illegal hit, after injuring the 1st-string RB Eddie Lacy

Football is a great game, and I really love playing and watching it. But it is ridiculous. There has been WAY too many injured players this year, and it's not even half way through the season.

Head injuries is the worst. You gotta learn to use your head to think about the right way, not to slam it into someone else's head.

I previously mentioned Brandon Meriweather's suspension. He is one of the many players who frequently attempt to play defense with their head, as opposed to making legal, safe tackles.

On the bright side, my fantasy team was unaffected. I didn't have any players that were hurt. However, other teams in my league got screwed, and can't even compete anymore.

Football is awesome, but all these injuries are changing people's views on the game. The game is great, especially when it's played legally. Everybody loves a hard hit when it's legal.

Early Season Woes

Well, I have finally found something worse than the Giants two losses. Just 
kidding, but I am not pleased with the G-Men. At all. Eli is playing terrible, 
and the running game is a disaster. 

Oh, and my condolences go out to all the David Wilson fantasy owners right now. 
Unfortunately, when Andre Brown broke his leg, I decided to go after David 
Wilson in my fantasy league. Dumb move.

Anyway, when I said I'd found something worse than the Giants, I don't even mean 
the Jaguars. Now, the Jags are definitely worse than the Giants, but the Giants 
were actually supposed to be good!

I mean, how can you be worse than a team who didn't get passed their own 36 yard 
line in Week 1. Yes, you heard that statistic, it's not a typo; the Jacksonville 
Jaguars weren't able to get passed their OWN 36 yard line.

Besides that embarrassing fact, I managed to find something terrible in the NFL. 
Trent Richardson, an Indianapolis Colt? I thought it was a joke when I saw a 
headline on FoxSports, after my 2nd straight Fall Ball loss against Union.

When I got home, I checked NFL.com, ESPN, and cbssports.com to make sure I 
wasn't going crazy. First of all, it never really occurred to me that NFL teams 
make trades. Now, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but compared to other 
sports... Not a lot of trades in pro football.

My dad's fraternity brother/ESPN Analyst Adam Schefter discussing trade

My dad’s fraternity brother/ESPN Analyst Adam Schefter discussing trade

Anyway, when I saw that headline, my first thought was, "Is this a comedy show?" My 
second thought was, "If for some reason thats true, is Andrew Luck a Brown?" Of 
course, the chances of that are unlikely, but trading a young, talented RB in 
the NFL is pretty unlikely too.

I had to see who the Colts had given up, expecting a player like T.Y. Hilton or 
somebody with some serious value. When I realized how little the Indianapolis 
Colts had given up, I was shocked. 

A draft pick. That's it. Trent Richardson for a draft pick. My friend Joe, an 
unfortunate Cleveland fan, had a theory: The Browns wanted to get rid of all 
their good players to get the 1st overall pick of next years draft. 

That is preposterous, but I haven't come up with a better solution, other than 
the obvious, "They are rebuilding." 

Even so, why not rebuild around a talented young player? I don't get it. Also, 
it kinda bothers me that the Browns have given up so early. They may not have 
the best team in their division, but it is a little ridiculous to give up on the 
year after Week 2. 

Despite all this, my fantasy team is 2-0. So, I have something to hang on to. 
Hopefully, the Giants will step it up too.

My Training Camp for Ann Arbor

It’s been real Summer 2013. My summer was great, including an awesome vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, lots of quality time with my friends, and sports galore. It was also good to have a nice break from school and the responsibilities the school year entails.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As 8th grade is right around the corner, I have come to realize a few things.

First, I actually have to wake up early.

Second, on a more serious note, I have recognized the fact that High School is only a year away. Pretty hard to believe. I mean, I am barely five foot and I am a year away from high school!

Now, I am not particularly excited for 8th grade to start, but I am one more year closer to accomplishing the big goal: To be a Michigan Wolverine.


I have been told multiple times that it’s harder than ever to get into Michigan nowadays. I completely understand that I will have to work my tail off to get that ticket to paradise. And believe me, I will.

I might have a slight idea of what I could do for a living, but I am not even close to making that decision. I do know one thing for sure: I can’t see myself NOT being a Wolverine.

Which brings me back to 8th grade. Being one year away from high school, 8th grade has a special importance for myself. And that, my friend, is “Habit”. Getting in good habits for High school.

I see High school as a situation similar to the circumstances NFL QB Tim Tebow endured about four weeks ago. Tim Tebow was competing for the backup spot on the Patriots.

I will be competing for a spot in Ann Arbor.

Tim Tebow had a chance at earning a roster spot on the New England Patriots. If he had performed well throughout the past four weeks, he would’ve been a Patriot. That did not go as planned for him, and now he is a free agent.


If I perform well during High School, I get the spot. So, returning back to this year, 8th grade is like practice. I need to get into good habits in “practice”, so I have more of a chance at earning that spot in Ann Arbor.

So, as much as I dread the that first day of school, I also see it as an opportunity to practice, and make correctable mistakes. Tebow was assessed in training camp as well as the pre-season, so in fairness, his mistakes (in practice) weren’t able to fly like mine will this year.

Speaking of Michigan, the football team absolutely obliterated Central Michigan 59-9. I thought our defense looked very good, and our rushing game was outstanding. I was very impressed with the way Al Borges (Offensive Coordinator) conducted our attack, and included many play makers in the offensive scheme.

I was also impressed with true freshman RB Derrick Green who had a great burst through holes, and relentless power and toughness.

I also discovered a new favorite player. Cam. Gordon. He is a boss, and so fun to watch. He plays linebacker and is all over the place. An absolute beast.

We are definitely going to contend for a Big Ten Championship, along with threatening Ohio State’s BCS Championship. The future looks bright for this Michigan football program led by HC Brady Hoke.

So bright we named our new dog “Brady” after him!

Happy Fall, and go blue!