Falling out of Summer

It’s that time of year again. The summer went by so fast, just like every other summer. As much as I am dreading going back to school, I do look forward to fall. After all, fall is the best season.

I love fall for many reasons. In Jersey, all the bugs go away, and temperatures are not overwhelmingly hot or cold. There isn’t as much rain as spring, so fall is definitely my favorite season.

And with the nice weather, the fall brings football back. Michigan and the Giants play on Saturday and Sunday every weekend for most of the fall season. I always look forward to cheering on my teams as they take the field each fall.

And when football is on, you already know I will be on the computer constantly checking my fantasy football score. Fantasy football is back, and it makes the NFL so much more entertaining. In my opinion, it’s by far the best fantasy sport, and this year I’m going for the 3-peat in the league with all of my friends. Wish me luck.

This fall has a special significance, though, because I am starting high school. I already have my schedule, which actually made me a little more excited for school. But I’m not too excited for nine months in a classroom.

In addition to the academic aspect, I also get to play soccer. Eventually, (hopefully), I will play hoops in the winter, and baseball in the spring. At the beginning of the summer, which is the heart of baseball season, I was debating whether I really wanted to play soccer.

I’m really glad my parents forced me to tryout. I’m in the starting lineup so far, and it’s actually really fun! I like the coach, and I’m pretty sure he likes me. I like all my teammates, and we look to be pretty good this year.

My dad is always telling me to have a positive attitude towards everything, so I’m trying my best to forget the fact that the summer is over and school is starting. It’s a little easier though, since football and soccer make up for it all!

The transition from summer to fall is definitely the most difficult for me. In the summer, there is much less responsibility, and you don’t have to worry about a lot. However, as fall begins, I begin to feel that I have a lot of responsibility, and a lot of things to do, whether it’s sports, school, or anything else.

Regardless, I look forward to embark on a new journey as I begin high school!



2 thoughts on “Falling out of Summer

  1. High School is going to be great. I think your Dad nailed it regarding having a positive attitude. I would only add confidence. Having the confidence in yourself that you will be successful is more than half the battle, whether it be academics, sports or anything else. Go get ’em Ferris!

  2. Wonderfully written. What is great about it (and you) is that you are always looking forward and enjoying the journey. In the winter you look forward to the spring and the spring to summer etc. You are looking forward to college by preparing now. That is a sign of maturity. A mature person knows there is a future and plans for it while an immature person only knows about today and does things without realizing the consequences. Keep up the good work. I’m proud you are my grandson and tell everyone what a fine young man you are. Sent from my iPad Pat Tuite


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