The Stolen Bike

The day started out like any other day: Wake up, go to soccer. The start of the season is right around the corner, and after practice we were required to go to the high school to take a concussion baseline test.

So, I went home after practice, yawning while explaining to my mom that I would have to report to the high school in a little bit. She simply nodded, and of course, after a short period of time passed, I biked to the high school.

I saw my friends’ bikes locked to two different poles in front of the school.

Without hesitation, I placed me bike right next to the locked bikes, since I don’t own a lock. I failed to remind myself about the ramifications of leaving my bike unlocked.

Anyway, I marched into the high school, and after a brief explanation, I was seated in front of a computer, and proceeded to answer a lot of questions for the baseline test. I tried to get the best score, while not wasting any time to get out of there and get on with the rest of my day.

A feeling of relief washed over me as I walked out of the room, finally done with the test. Eager to see what the rest of the day had in store, I met my friends outside.

They all started walking quickly towards me, a serious look on their faces.

One said, “Jake, was your bike next to ours? Dude someone took it!”

Now, I had heard something similar to this before. I told them to stop messing around; thinking that they had hid it, knowing it wasn’t locked. They pushed on, insisting they had seen someone riding away on my expensive bike.

I didn’t buy their story. Not until they told the security guard to call the police. My face hardened, and I asked, “Wait, are you serious?”

To which they replied in unison, “Yes!”

It was then when I realized my bike had been stolen, since this would be too far for a prank. The security guard called the police. He made me, and my friends (the witnesses), write our names and phone numbers on a piece of paper.

Then, he ushered us outside and asked where my bike was placed, and we quickly showed him. Unfortunately, there were no surveillance cameras that looked at that specific spot.

The police officer got there and asked for all of my information, and a description of my bike. He then asked my friends for a description of the man that took the bike. They also told the officer that they yelled to the guy, telling him to give the bike back.

The police officer eventually left, after saying he’d do his best to find the bike. I had nothing better to do, so I went into town for lunch with another friend, who wasn’t a witness. I was mad, because throughout the summer, I had biked everywhere. As I was still trying to contemplate everything, I got a call.

I got a call from one of my other friends, who said they had found my bike in a bush on the other side of the high school, and that the bike was being taken to the police station.

Puzzled that the bike had turned up so quickly, I called my mom, who picked me up and we went to the police station. After lots of paperwork, I was able to take my bike home. It was pretty wild.

I have several ideas of what could’ve happened, but I reckon the guy stole the bike, heard my friends yelling at him, realized he had been seen in broad daylight, and dumped the bike back at the high school.

Who knows, but that’s just my guess. Regardless, I have my bike, and you bet I’m getting a bike lock now!







2 thoughts on “The Stolen Bike

  1. From your friends’ descriptions was the thief a student or an adult.? Did they know him from town? Would they be able to identify him if they saw him again hanging around the school? Glad you got the bike back and suffered no loss while getting a life lesson. Well written.

    Sent from my iPad Pat Tuite


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