The Zen Master Going to Work

I have still been waiting for the Knicks to make a run at the title. The Knicks haven’t been very successful in my lifetime, compared to the Giants or the Rangers. They have had good seasons, but nothing close to a championship.

A few months ago, the Knicks hired Phil Jackson, known as the “Zen Master”. Phil has won 11 championships in his past coaching days. However, with the Knicks, he is the team president and general manager.

Phil came in with a roster that wasn’t very promising. I honestly don’t know if the moves that he has made have been good, yet. Phil made a trade to the Mavericks that gave the Knicks a package including Jose Calderon, and two draft picks. But who knows how that’ll turn out?

He also traded for Quincy Acy, and Travis Outlaw. Additionally, and most importantly, he re-signed Carmelo Anthony. Now, most people declared that the Knicks would never win with Carmelo, due to his style of play and whatever else.

I completely disagree. We can win with ‘Melo, but Phil Jackson just needs to put the right players around him. Basically, nowadays, it takes more than one player to win it all. And that goes for every sport.

First, I think the Knicks need to trade Iman Shumpert. He isn’t that good, and we already have JR Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr. at that same position. I know the Cavaliers expressed interest in Shumpert. He’s young, and a good defender, so he must draw interest elsewhere, too.

Either way, all of Phil’s moves made in order to be in better shape for next summer. In the 2015 off-season, the Knicks will have lots of money to sign a great player, maybe two.

I assume Phil’s goal is to win it all in the 2015-2016 season. I say this because currently, the Knicks are nowhere near the Conference Finals. The Bulls have a roster that includes Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, and Joakim Noah: Really good.

The Cavaliers have a roster that could literally go undefeated. Kidding. But they are easily the best team in the NBA, with Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron. So, the Knicks have touh competition in their own conference.

If I were Phil, I’d get rid of Shumpert and maybe upgrade the point guard, so we don’t worry about that position next summer. I would make Timmy Hardaway Jr. the starting SG, and of course Carmelo a starter. I’m not sold on Calderon, but if we do get another solid point guard, we can focus on the two remaining starting positions to fill with good talent.


So hopefully, eventually, Phil puts together a team that will compete for NBA titles.



One thought on “The Zen Master Going to Work

  1. Maybe. Possibly. Could be. The Knicks have to get past the HEAT first and have a long way to go, Zen Master or no Zen Master.

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