The Mental Part of the Game

Baseball is a game of failure. I’ve been told this many times. Heck, the best single-season batting average recorded in the history of baseball is .440, which means this player didn’t even get a hit half of the time.

Getting a hit three out of ten times is considered very good. Now, this is where the mental part of the game comes in.

I, myself, have been in a terrible slump lately. Over the years, I have learned that I can’t let these things get to me. It took me awhile, I admit that. Let’s just say that there were several episodes of “losing my cool” in the past.

Now I understand that when you let these things get to you, it affects your game negatively. Also, it makes you look bad. You have to approach the game with a positive outlook, regardless of how many times you fail.

I bring up this topic because I am currently in a slump, as I mentioned before. In the spring I felt I was doing much better. But for some reason, I guess I just got out of rhythm this summer.

However, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. This year a bunch of kids left for club teams, so we knew we lacked some talent out of the gate. Still, I thought we would be competitive. I was wrong. So wrong. We finished 0-12, getting mercied in most of our games.

Sometimes it was because the other team was very good, and sometimes it was just because we were terrible. We were the Bad News Bears, subtracting their playoff run.

But throughout my life, I have learned to just keep plugging away. And fortunately, I got invited to play for a club team for the rest of the summer. I will get more reps, and more at-bats. Baseball is a game of repetition as well, so the more games the better.

You can be insanely talented, but if you can’t handle the mental aspect of baseball, forget about it. The great players today have mastered the mental and physical part of the game, some more than others, and I strive to do the same!


2 thoughts on “The Mental Part of the Game

  1. How old are you, 34? You can’t be this mature, this sensible and this smart and only be 14. You are amazing!!!

  2. This is the perfect attitude for baseball
    and all other areas of life.
    Congratulations on discovering this
    so soon in your career.

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