Springing Into Action


That was probably the longest winter ever. There was a ridiculous amount of snow, and it just stayed there forever. And still, in late March, we had days below freezing. That’s just insane.

This was bad for three reasons. First, I got sick way too much. Second, I slipped and fell numerous times on ice. Third, and more importantly, baseball and soccer came around too fast.

Usually, I play winter soccer, so I’m already in the zone. However, this year I chose not to play two sports in the winter, coming off a torn MCL. The snow didn’t go away until recently, and we have had our first practices for soccer on turf, since the fields are too wet.

I actually thought I was going to be rusty, but for some reason soccer always comes back to me easily. After all, it is (in my opinion) a lot less complex than baseball. Point is, I thought I played pretty well after missing a whole season.

Baseball, is a different story. Opening day is supposed to be tonight. That is unlikely, considering it’s been raining so much. Regardless, I haven’t been on a baseball field in months.

Baseball is a sport that takes time to get into rhythm. I would say a lot of the kids in my league play only baseball, so they are practicing year round. However, I always have a different sport in every season.

So, I haven’t been playing baseball. At all. I am probably going to be pretty rusty, and not so great my first time out on the field. I am really hoping my swing comes back, because I thought I hit the ball pretty well in the fall.

And boy, that swing has been all over the place in the past couple of years, and I definitely know what a slump feels like. If the weather permits, hopefully we can get some practices good practices in, so I get comfortable before the 1st game.

I have several goals this season, but one of them is to master the changeup. Everyone throws a curveball now, but no one really has an effective changeup.Also, the greatest benefit of a changeup is that it doesn’t hurt your arm like curveballs.

Many people have told me to put three fingers on the ball for a changeup. Problem is, I throw my fastball with three fingers, which gives me more control. I personally value control more than speed. And honestly, the three-finger grip is more comfortable for me. However, I’m definitely going to start throwing it with two fingers.

If I can master a changeup, I will have an effective off-speed pitch that won’t hurt my arm. That’s an ideal weapon for any pitcher. And last but not least, there is something else that is a necessity in baseball- looking good.

You have to look sharp when you’re out there. It’s a MUST. I have my evoshields, wristbands, and I ordered my new cleats. Unfortunately I couldn’t get metal cleats since they’re prohibited in the recreational league, but I still got some nice cleats.

As you can see, I’m pretty excited for baseball, and soccer. After all, this is my last spring of soccer and baseball, before I go on to play High School sports. I look forward to finishing my rec baseball and Cougar soccer career!


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