Another Manning Goes Down at MetLife

Well, it wasn’t so long ago that Eli Manning threw 5 picks against the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. However, many people thought that his big brother, Peyton, would have a much better outing at MetLife against the Seahawks.

It was better, but not by a lot. Right from the start, the Seahawks were in control- literally. The Seahawks had the fastest scoring play (12 seconds) in Super Bowl History with a safety on the first snap of the game.

In the first quarter, Peyton Manning and the best offense in the league couldn’t even get a first down. Are you kidding me? I was willing to bet $50 that Manning would shred the young Seattle secondary.

Manning threw two picks in the first half, one was a pick-6 caught by Malcolm Smith, the Super Bowl MVP. I mean, when it was 15-0 I figured Peyton would heat up and make a run to end the half. I thought wrong.

At Halftime, I could’ve sworn Percy Harvin returned that kickoff. At our Super Bowl party I announced my theory, and everyone went nuts when it came true. That was pretty awesome.

Once it was 29-0, there was no way the Broncos were gonna have a shot. Everyone in the Stadium knew that the Seahawks weren’t looking back. They capped the game off with a definitive score of 43-8.

Honestly, probably the worst Super Bowl I’ve ever witnessed in my 13 years and 364 day life. I thought, no matter who won, it was gonna be a great, exciting game with big play after big play.

Instead, it was boring and not even close. And Richard Sherman didn’t even get to go on a postgame rant! I know it was not classy and all, but it’s still pretty entertaining when Sherman goes at it. Unfortunately, he had a high-ankle sprain in the 4th quarter.

The one positive the Broncos got out of the game was that Demaryius Thomas broke the Super Bowl record for catches with 12.

All in all, the Super Bowl was really bad, but it’s a great excuse to hang with your friends and play “Kill the Carrier” on a school night. So, I’m satisfied anyway. And how could I not, we have a snow day today!




One thought on “Another Manning Goes Down at MetLife

  1. We should have known. Good defense always beats good offense. It’s just like baseball. Great pitching always stops great hitters. Anyway, I thought just like you and I DID bet a real $100 that Manning would shred the Seattle secondary. WRONG! Well, the heck with football. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in two weeks and then the real sports season begins.

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