A Day at the Court

Today was an unusual Sunday for Maplewood in the middle of January- warm. And tomorrow is gonna be 55 and sunny! Not too shabby at all.

Anyway, my friends and I had to take advantage of the rare, warm weather. So, bright and early, after a couple of text messages, we got together at the most evident place: The Dawkins’.

The Dawkins are our family friends and they live pretty close to all of us. They have a nice basketball court that is pretty much always available for our use. Normally, we start off with a pickup game, periodically swapping players to make the teams fair.

At some point, it’ll get boring. In this instance, we resort to a tournament, either 2-on-2 or 3-on-3, which is supposedly more entertaining. I would actually have to agree on that one.

But today, today was a different day. We decided to do something different, something unthought of… Something that would change the world. No, not really. But it was pretty fun.

Instead of another pickup game, we had an idea. It all started when we were scrolling through an app called Vine. To sum it up, Vine is a simple social media app in which you post videos, and you see other people’s videos.

At one point, we came across something awesome. It was a video of five guys pull off a ridiculous alley-oop. We were officially inspired.

The first step was lowering the basket, to allow one of us to actually get a slam dunk. Then, the choreography. That was hard. But finally, we each knew our roles and what we had to do.

And yet, executing it was a lot harder than we thought. Only it was then when we realized how many attempts it must’ve taken to put together that Vine video.

After many tries that were so unsuccessful, we figured that we could never get it as perfect as that spectacular Vine video. However, it was determined that we couldn’t just leave our incredible idea in the dust.

Despite our brief disappointment, we put together a solid video of my friend pulling off some nifty dunks….


Maybe, if I hit my growth spurt soon, I will be able to dunk on a regular sized hoop. Well, I probably shouldn’t count on that. But who knows?

I mean, I definitely won’t be able to throw ’em down like my boy Tim Hardaway Jr. who recently had a monstrous put-back dunk over two defenders. Fresh outta the University of Michigan!

Anyway, maybe we will resume our alley-oop filmmaking tomorrow. However, it was definitely a memorable winter day!


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