The Fall

Fall got out to a great start in the sports world, and in my life. First of all, it's my favorite season. It's not too hot, not too cold, and bug-free (which is crucial). However, things were going TOO well. 

At some point, something had to go wrong. And believe me, it did.I like to call this period "The Fall of Fall", meaning the downfall of my sports in Autumn.

 First, it was the Giants. They started 0-6, and nothing was going well. Recently, they started to play well, but a bad loss to the Cowboys decreased their playoff chances.

Personally, I think it is ALL on Eli Manning. Before, people said he isn't playing well because they haven't established a running game. Andre Brown is rushing well, and the results aren't that much different. The passing game is still pretty darn awful.

The defense has finally stepped up, led by our new MLB Jon Beason, who is great. The defense has been holding up, running game is effective, it's just Eli Manning isn't throwing the ball well. That's why the Giants are 4-7. 

Next, it was Michigan football. Devin Gardner was supposedly a Heisman candidate, and Michigan was supposedly a top-25 team. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Gardner might be the worst QB in college football.

His decision-making is so awful. The offensive line is atrocious, along with the running game. I don't even know what else to say! I hope Shane Morris proves himself next year. 

Gardner fumbles at home against Akron

Gardner fumbles at home against Akron

And then the Knicks. Chandler goes down, and everything goes down with him. 3-12? Are you kidding me? I went to the Clips vs. Knicks game the night before Thanksgiving. I noticed something: Bargnani can't play defense.At all. 

Also, Woodson's rotations are so terrible. J.R. Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr. (Slight bias) and Iman Shumpert should play a lot more. Thank god I had an amazing Thanksgiving the next day! 

After all this, I sat back and said to myself: Well, I always got Michigan hoops. After a Championship NCAA March Madness run last year, ranked in the pre-season top-10... We are gonna be great. Then, of course, we lose to Iowa State, and CHARLOTTE. Really? C'mon, man.

Anyway, with all that going downhill, I just tried to forget it all and just play 8th grade hoops, and prepare for the regular season. Last year, I did not have a great season. I turned the ball over, and I didn't shoot well. 

I was determined to start the season off with a big performance, and start off on the right foot.Only, of course, in my last soccer game, I tore my MCL. So until Christmas (hopefully), I am out of basketball. 

Thanks to an awesome California trip for Thanksgivvukah, I was able to temporarily forget all this, and just hang with my family. I repeat, temporarily. The disappointments may have to continue.

Today, Ohio State plays Michigan in football. Michigan plays Duke on Tuesday in hoops. Giants play Washington on Sunday Night football, a game that has a lot on the line. For Hannukah, I want all W's.However, that request is definitely a stretch. 

Hopefully, all of these atrocities can turn it around. Maybe, the Jewish Festival of Lights will give the players spirit to destroy their opponents. Doubt it though, since the vast majority of athletes aren't Jews. But wait till I'm in the NFL, representing the Jewish community! Just kidding. 


One thought on “The Fall

  1. Your blogs keep getting better and better. You have a great talent for writing. If you don’t play any sports at college I expect you to be sports editor and then Editor-in-Chief of the University newspaper. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to get involved with the High School newspaper also. You have a casual, yet informative, way of writing which keeps me interested throughout the blog. Keep it up!

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