Use Your Head!

Despite the Giants' horrific start, I am going to discuss something else that has to do with the NFL. This past Sunday, in Week 7 of the NFL, there were some scary injuries.

At least 8 players were hurt, and Brandon Meriweather was suspended. These injuries included several players that have some solid fantasy value, including Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Jermichael Finley, Sam Bradford, and Reggie Wayne.

Everybody on that list except for Foster and Finley is done for the year. There have been many other injuries in previous weeks, including Randall Cobb, Julio Jones, and David Wilson.

But frankly, I don't really miss Wilson, no offense. Peyton Hillis should be just fine for the G-men. Anyway, football is just turning into a bloodbath. And not just in the NFL....

My friends and I play football a lot in our local park. We are definitely very small, apart from a few people. We had been playing other groups of kids, and absolutely blowing them out. So then, we decided to take on a bigger challenge.

Our middle school is made up of two elementary schools: Tuscan and Jefferson. We are from Jefferson, and we wanted to take on the boys from Tuscan. For the record, they thought they would "wreck us" due to their evident size advantage.

However, we wanted the challenge. So, sure enough, two weeks ago we went to the park and set down the rules. We wore cleats, and our team colors. 5 on 5, no padding, tackle football.

Despite the fact that we are all friends, it turned out to be a sick,intensely competitive game. And we even got a crowd! Aside from that, something unplanned occurred.

In the 4th quarter, when we were up 93-91, one of our players decided to take on the two biggest kids on Tuscan's team. Meanwhile, he is merely 5 ft tall.

He caught the ball down the sideline, and sprinted ahead. The two big defenders closed in from both sides, and then it happened.

Our player made a sharp stop, just as the defenders went in for the tackle. I expected a huge hit, but I saw our player running to the end zone, to give us a two possession lead.

When I ran to celebrate, I realized what had happened. The two defenders, slammed into eachother when the sharp cut was made.

One of their players had blood streaming down his face. We rushed him to a nearby house, and he turned out to be OK. HOwever, it was terribly scary and horrific.

It turned out he suffered a mild concussion, and received 3 layers of stitches by a plastic surgeon. The other defender had a huge bump on his forehead.

An intense, wildly fun football game had turned into much more, just like that. thankfully, both of them are fine now. But, we never got to finish that game...

We probably never will too. I doubt we'll play tackle for awhile now. My point is from that unfortunate story, that football has turned into something else, not just a popular sport in America.

If I was bigger, I might consider playing football. My parents won't, after seeing all these horrible injuries.

Brandon Meriweather drills rookie Eddie Lacy with illegal hit

Brandon Meriweather drills 2nd-string RB James Starks with illegal hit, after injuring the 1st-string RB Eddie Lacy

Football is a great game, and I really love playing and watching it. But it is ridiculous. There has been WAY too many injured players this year, and it's not even half way through the season.

Head injuries is the worst. You gotta learn to use your head to think about the right way, not to slam it into someone else's head.

I previously mentioned Brandon Meriweather's suspension. He is one of the many players who frequently attempt to play defense with their head, as opposed to making legal, safe tackles.

On the bright side, my fantasy team was unaffected. I didn't have any players that were hurt. However, other teams in my league got screwed, and can't even compete anymore.

Football is awesome, but all these injuries are changing people's views on the game. The game is great, especially when it's played legally. Everybody loves a hard hit when it's legal.


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