Early Season Woes

Well, I have finally found something worse than the Giants two losses. Just 
kidding, but I am not pleased with the G-Men. At all. Eli is playing terrible, 
and the running game is a disaster. 

Oh, and my condolences go out to all the David Wilson fantasy owners right now. 
Unfortunately, when Andre Brown broke his leg, I decided to go after David 
Wilson in my fantasy league. Dumb move.

Anyway, when I said I'd found something worse than the Giants, I don't even mean 
the Jaguars. Now, the Jags are definitely worse than the Giants, but the Giants 
were actually supposed to be good!

I mean, how can you be worse than a team who didn't get passed their own 36 yard 
line in Week 1. Yes, you heard that statistic, it's not a typo; the Jacksonville 
Jaguars weren't able to get passed their OWN 36 yard line.

Besides that embarrassing fact, I managed to find something terrible in the NFL. 
Trent Richardson, an Indianapolis Colt? I thought it was a joke when I saw a 
headline on FoxSports, after my 2nd straight Fall Ball loss against Union.

When I got home, I checked NFL.com, ESPN, and cbssports.com to make sure I 
wasn't going crazy. First of all, it never really occurred to me that NFL teams 
make trades. Now, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but compared to other 
sports... Not a lot of trades in pro football.

My dad's fraternity brother/ESPN Analyst Adam Schefter discussing trade

My dad’s fraternity brother/ESPN Analyst Adam Schefter discussing trade

Anyway, when I saw that headline, my first thought was, "Is this a comedy show?" My 
second thought was, "If for some reason thats true, is Andrew Luck a Brown?" Of 
course, the chances of that are unlikely, but trading a young, talented RB in 
the NFL is pretty unlikely too.

I had to see who the Colts had given up, expecting a player like T.Y. Hilton or 
somebody with some serious value. When I realized how little the Indianapolis 
Colts had given up, I was shocked. 

A draft pick. That's it. Trent Richardson for a draft pick. My friend Joe, an 
unfortunate Cleveland fan, had a theory: The Browns wanted to get rid of all 
their good players to get the 1st overall pick of next years draft. 

That is preposterous, but I haven't come up with a better solution, other than 
the obvious, "They are rebuilding." 

Even so, why not rebuild around a talented young player? I don't get it. Also, 
it kinda bothers me that the Browns have given up so early. They may not have 
the best team in their division, but it is a little ridiculous to give up on the 
year after Week 2. 

Despite all this, my fantasy team is 2-0. So, I have something to hang on to. 
Hopefully, the Giants will step it up too.

One thought on “Early Season Woes

  1. Keep the faith, baby. Fourteen games to go and we are only 0ne game out in the NFL East. Plenty of time. By the way, I think Richardson has been hurt a lot and may be injury prone. He hasn’t proven anything in the NFL yet and the Browns will have another first round pick next year. It’s a gamble and time will tell.

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