My Training Camp for Ann Arbor

It’s been real Summer 2013. My summer was great, including an awesome vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, lots of quality time with my friends, and sports galore. It was also good to have a nice break from school and the responsibilities the school year entails.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As 8th grade is right around the corner, I have come to realize a few things.

First, I actually have to wake up early.

Second, on a more serious note, I have recognized the fact that High School is only a year away. Pretty hard to believe. I mean, I am barely five foot and I am a year away from high school!

Now, I am not particularly excited for 8th grade to start, but I am one more year closer to accomplishing the big goal: To be a Michigan Wolverine.


I have been told multiple times that it’s harder than ever to get into Michigan nowadays. I completely understand that I will have to work my tail off to get that ticket to paradise. And believe me, I will.

I might have a slight idea of what I could do for a living, but I am not even close to making that decision. I do know one thing for sure: I can’t see myself NOT being a Wolverine.

Which brings me back to 8th grade. Being one year away from high school, 8th grade has a special importance for myself. And that, my friend, is “Habit”. Getting in good habits for High school.

I see High school as a situation similar to the circumstances NFL QB Tim Tebow endured about four weeks ago. Tim Tebow was competing for the backup spot on the Patriots.

I will be competing for a spot in Ann Arbor.

Tim Tebow had a chance at earning a roster spot on the New England Patriots. If he had performed well throughout the past four weeks, he would’ve been a Patriot. That did not go as planned for him, and now he is a free agent.


If I perform well during High School, I get the spot. So, returning back to this year, 8th grade is like practice. I need to get into good habits in “practice”, so I have more of a chance at earning that spot in Ann Arbor.

So, as much as I dread the that first day of school, I also see it as an opportunity to practice, and make correctable mistakes. Tebow was assessed in training camp as well as the pre-season, so in fairness, his mistakes (in practice) weren’t able to fly like mine will this year.

Speaking of Michigan, the football team absolutely obliterated Central Michigan 59-9. I thought our defense looked very good, and our rushing game was outstanding. I was very impressed with the way Al Borges (Offensive Coordinator) conducted our attack, and included many play makers in the offensive scheme.

I was also impressed with true freshman RB Derrick Green who had a great burst through holes, and relentless power and toughness.

I also discovered a new favorite player. Cam. Gordon. He is a boss, and so fun to watch. He plays linebacker and is all over the place. An absolute beast.

We are definitely going to contend for a Big Ten Championship, along with threatening Ohio State’s BCS Championship. The future looks bright for this Michigan football program led by HC Brady Hoke.

So bright we named our new dog “Brady” after him!

Happy Fall, and go blue!


3 thoughts on “My Training Camp for Ann Arbor

  1. I am proud to see you so focused on your end goal. With such determination, you are bound to succeed. We will be in the stands cheering you on. Love nan

  2. What a great statement. As Hawk Harrelson says: the best quality is ” the will to win “. You have the will and the talent to be a Wolverine. Continue to get great (not just good)grades, volunteer in your community and at school and keep being the wonderful young man you are and you will be a lock. See you soon. Papapat

    Sent from my iPad Pat Tuite

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