The Rise of the Dark Knight

Yeah, the Mets actually have a starting pitcher in the All-Star game, along with David Wright starting at 3rd base and hitting clean up. Now, this is bigger than you think. Matt Harvey starting this game could mean way more than you ever imagined.

The Mets are still rebuilding, and I am surprised about the progress they’ve made. First of all, we actually have a legitimate, young pitching staff. Matt Harvey is probably one of the best pitchers in the game right now.

Zack Wheeler and Jeremy Hefner are two young pitchers with a lot of potential, and have already shown that they can be a dominant force and contribute to a fierce pitching staff.

Jon Niese and Dillon Gee aren’t great in my eyes, but they have a few moments. They will do as our 4 and 5 pitchers in the rotation.


Now, the lineup is where we need big help. Wright is a fantastic 3-hitter, so he is locked in to that spot. I love Eric Young. He is good and speedy. I like him in the outfield and leading off.

Daniel Murphy has been hitting up a storm, and playing a solid 2nd base, so he’ll hit 2nd. Now, many people still have faith in Ike Davis, like my dad. Other people want him out of the lineup.

Unfortunately, I think we have seen enough of big Ike. He honestly just isn’t the answer. The Mets need some big bats, and he doesn’t even have a bat. We can’t make the playoffs with Ike Davis hitting 4th.

The Mets young catcher, Travis d’Arnaud is supposed to be great. I have a lot of faith he will be a great catcher and a solid hitter. Omar Quintanilla is a solid shortstop, and I am fine with him hitting 8th. Marlon Byrd is good, but not long term, and he’ll be good trade bait. So, the Mets need two outfielders and a 1st Baseman. In these three guys, I want big bats.



Now, back to Harvey and Wright in tonight’s All-Star game. Most fans would say, “Awesome! Harvey and Wright are in the All-Star game!” And then they’d move on. However, I see it differently.

Players like Shin Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury (both free agents after this year) see that the Mets have an ace (Harvey) and the starting 3rd baseman/cleanup hitter (Wright), and that attracts them to the Mets.

To top that, the Mets are in New York, and the players get lots of publicity, much more than Cleveland and Boston. This situation, in which Harvey starts and Wright hits 4th in the order and plays 3rd base, could potentially affect the Mets organization for many years to come in a very positive way.


The rise of the Dark Knight, they call it, referring to Matt Harvey coming to the rescue of New York, has given the Mets an incredible opportunity to sign players that they could’ve ever had a chance to sign, in addition to the opportunity to be successful.

I will be going to the All-Star game tonight, and it will be a special moment. Picture it: Matt Harvey starting the game for the NL, David Wright at 3rd and hitting cleanup, in an All-Star game being played at Citi Field.

It will be a night to remember, and a start to a bright future, for the New York Mets.


2 thoughts on “The Rise of the Dark Knight

  1. great post Jake! can’t remember being so excited about a team 9 games below .500. The future looks bright…great new ballpark and a young core to build around. Have a great time at the all-star game! Truly a great night in Mets history!

  2. Great column. One correction – I believe Choo was traded from Cleveland to Cincinnati this past year and he is having a fantastic season. If he is really a free agent (as well as Ellsbury) he would be dynamite in New York. I saw a picture of you and your brother at the all star game and you both looked like Mets of the future!

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