Reconstruction in MSG

I have been very pleased with the way the Knicks have approached this year’s off-season. I  had a feeling they were going to sit back and leap past Free Agency and trades. However, the Knicks traded away Novak, Camby, and a 1st round pick for Andrea Bargnani.

I loved Steve Novak. He was of my favorite players, and his lethal three-point shot was very helpful and productive. I don’t like trading him away. I mean, who cares about Camby? He is really old and almost worthless nowadays.

The 1st round pick could be valuable in years to come, but lets not worry about that now. Bargnani could be good, but I don’t have a good feeling he will fit with Knicks. I was puzzled when they made the trade, but I am leaning towards trusting the Knicks here.


Coach Mike Woodson hugs Novak during a time out

I actually heard the only reason the Knicks got Bargnani was to get back David Lee. This is probably not true, but definitely worth a shot to get David Lee back! He would be great.

As you may probably know, I am a Michigan fan, and I was incredibly happy when the Knicks took Timmy Hardaway Jr. in the draft. He will be a great addition, and a very good player off the bench. He is 6’7” as a shooting guard, which is very good.

Now, I am impressed that the Knicks have still put themselves out there again, this time in an attempt to capture Monta Ellis. He would be great. Now that we took Hardaway, I doubt JR Smith is coming back, unfortunately.

So, Monta Ellis could potentially play point guard. He is a very talented and efficient scorer and can pass the ball as well. He kind of strikes me as a JR Smith type that just hogs the ball… But I actually think he would work well with the Knicks for some reason.

In addition, the Knicks and Nate Robinson have shown mutual interest in reaching a deal, as Nate Robinson has improved himself into an animated scorer with the Bulls. That would be great for us, too!

Picture this… The Knicks lineup next season:
Monta Ellis
Iman Shumpert
Carmelo Anthony
Amare Stoudemire
Tyson Chandler

Then you have CJ Leslie, Tim Hardaway, Ray Felton, Andrea Bargnani, maybe Nate Robinson, and Chris Copeland off the bench.

SOLD! Hopefully, I will be seeing this team above in the fall!


3 thoughts on “Reconstruction in MSG

  1. Love the optimism. I don’t love the Bargnani trade, only because of the draft pick. But Bargnani has an upside. I’d of course love D Lee back. But my reservations with the Knicks are (1) Ray Felton is not a championship caliber starting point (Ellis would be nice!), and (2) the true issue, that Amare is untradable, and so far no one has been able to figure out how to have Amara and Melo play together. Great article. Glad you’re back, JKS.

  2. I like everything you had to say, but you should realize that Monta Ellis is an undersized off guard and will come off the bench if we get him. Ray Felton will be the starting point guard for sure. If we get Lee back for Bargnani, I love it, we get the rebounding and toughness we need, but if we don’t I don’t see how a soft outside shooting big man helps us at all…at least its only 2 years and his salary will come off the books then. As always, great job!!!

    Uncle Jonny

  3. One question? Why are we talking basketball in July? I mean it’s BASEBALL season!!!! I know the Mets and the Marlins are way down in the standings, but hey they are the teams we root for and we have to keep rooting for them during the bad years as well as the good years. Besides, there is always something good to watch. I like to concentrate on the young guys that both teams bring up to start their careers and see how they do as well as the almost rookies like Harvey and Stanton. These guys will be all stars some day when both teams are good and it’s fun to watch them from the beginning. Anyway, I love baseball and it’s always fun to watch the game, whether it’s little league or major league. (P.S. I think Bargnani will start for the Knicks).

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