Taking the diamond with a positive attitude & cool accessories

Well, I have officially begun my spree to get stuff for summer baseball season. Baseball is the one sport I play that rattles with your emotions, and that gets to my head sometimes. But this year has been different. To snowball that, I feel like I am more dominant on the big sized field, rather than 50-70 fields.

I don’t know why, but you would think my size would be a big disadvantage, being the shortest kid on my summer team. However, I am consistently hitting the ball to the outfield, and have a high on base percentage. Also, surprisingly, I have found myself to be quite dominant on the hill.

So, I am extra excited for this summer! Since our town is hosting the State-wide Cal Ripken tournament, our team will most likely get a BYE to the States, regardless of our success in the District tournament. That will be so fun! Also, we have a tournament in early June!

And then, of course, the actual league and potentially the playoffs. Obviously, I have to look good for all of this, cuz what if some hot chicks walk by! So, I have gone a little crazy this year getting stuff I want for the season.

cool baseball kids accessories

First I got an evoshield: It is white, and is basically a padded wrist band. They are compressing and look so cool! Evoshield is a  brand with its own logo, and it basically makes sports gear, and protective equipment for baseball. So, that’s my first pickup!

Second, I got myself customized eyeblack. Basically, it is  a black sticker, that was originally used for shielding the strong sun. However, now it has become a style. So, I got eyeblack stickers with my number and team name! How cool is that?

Additionally, I have a reversible Nike wristband, that I wear. One side is red with a white swoosh, and the other side vice versa. On the white side, I have a signature from Al Leiter, a great old pitcher on the Mets. I met him at the 2010 all-star game, and he tought me how to throw a cutter in a private room while we ate dinner at Morton’s steakhouse.

That’s pretty awesome, but on top of that, he coaches Summit’s travel baseball team that’s my age, because his son plays for them. So, we saw him after a game in a tournament both of our teams were playing in, and he signed my wristband! Unfortunately, he didn’t remember me at all from the All-Star game.

And believe me, I am not done. I am going to get new cleats soon, and they are gonna be so fresh. Also, I am going to get the long, baggy version of our team pants, instead of the scrunchy bottom. Maybe I will also get some sweet batting gloves!


One thought on “Taking the diamond with a positive attitude & cool accessories

  1. You know what our friend Richard Menna says about his golf. “The best part of my game is my outfit”. Others say “you have to look good to play good”. Well you certainly “play good” so looking good too can’t hurt. How did you do last week.? Is that nasty hook still freezing the hitters? Keep me up to date. Papapat

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