The Big Field

Well, as basketball season comes to a close, baseball is almost underway. Spring recreation evaluations are next Sunday, and I honestly don’t think I’m ready. I haven’t played since July, so I’ll probably be a little rusty. The good part is that it’s only recreation, so it doesn’t matter. It’s basically practice for the summer travel league.

Me and my best friend Avery are always on the same team, because our dads coach together. Between the two of us, we make up the middle infield- he plays 2nd base, I play shortstop. Our teams have been pretty good over the years, yet we didn’t win last year.

My pitching has gotten much worse, even though I have added a curveball to my options when I’m on the hill. This is because of an accident a couple years ago. I was pitching in a rec game, and I threw a fastball.

The batter hit a hard line drive and it nailed me right in the neck. The pain was excruciating and I went to the hospital on a stretcher, in an ambulance. It just so happened that my parents were at a Bar Mitzvah during that particular game. However, my dad met me at the hospital.

jacob on stretcher kid baseball injuries

Luckily, nothing major was wrong, just bruising and a lot of soreness. Ever since, I’ve been playing baseball tentatively, and kind of scared. I’ve kind of gotten into a bad habit:  I wince and turn my head when there’s contact with a metal bat and the ball. It’s very bad when I’m pitching, and holds me back from my potential.

This year, we’re moving up to Babe Ruth. In this league  the distance between bases is 90 feet, and the distance from the rubber to home plate is 60 feet (major league standards). Now, I’m only 4 foot 10.5 inches. That’s pretty short, especially with a bunch of 14-15 year olds playing in your league.

Yeah, so my height is definitely not an advantage. However, being successful on the big field entails more physical strength and power, and I also need to try to stay away from those bad habits. So, big field- here I come!

Have you ever had an experience that affected your game? Tell me in the comments and let me know if you have any advice on getting past it.


4 thoughts on “The Big Field

  1. I can very well imagine how you feel. something happened to me when I was young and for years I winced when I heard a certain sound. It takes a while to get over it. Good luck this season

  2. I don’t know if your coaches agree with this but I feel that there is no need to confront any fears you may have about pitching at this level. Baseball is supposed to be about having fun, competing and enjoying time with your teammates. If you enjoy baseball and you are going to achieve the above by just playing the field (not pitching) and batting then do that. Leave the pitching for a later date when you grow (and you will) and you are bigger and stronger. Just have fun and don’t worry about anything else.

  3. You blow me away, kid. Not many 13 yr olds (not many adults) can write with such honesty. And despite what Grandpa says, confronting your fears and challenging yourself is how you succeed in life. With that attitude, whether it is athletics, academics, or otherwise, there is no ceiling on what you can achieve. Very inspiring. And from what I remember, short little #15 pitched a shut out (or maybe one run) into the 5th of a Cal Ripken tourney game last summer against Warren’s top team. Not too shabby.

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