Nike socks: a new Elite level

In my school, lets just say boys are into socks and shoes. Lots of kids always try to impress other boys by getting cool basketball shoes, and basketball socks, regardless of whether you actually play basketball. And these cool socks are referred to as “tough” or “fresh” in the middle school boy world.

As a matter of fact, my friend Jack, who only plays lacrosse, has the coolest black and red socks! I was so jealous when I saw them! Anyway, let me give you a bit of info on these popular socks. They are called elite socks, and they are made by Nike. These socks come in a variety of colors, from pink to light blue, and all the colors of the rainbow!

They are crew socks, so they go a little higher than your ankle normally, maybe shorter. Where the sock reaches the ankle, there is a Nike swoosh on the side. On the back, there’s a thick, dotted line that runs up the sock. It’s pretty cool. I have quite a few pairs: I wear them for hoops games, and just regularly.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what’s so great about them?

Honestly, I don’t know. They have soft, thick, compressing material, but most socks have good quality material. Mostly, I think it’s the style, and it has become an obsession. I would say 85% of boys in my grade at MMS have elite socks.

Elite Socks

And, if you have the socks, you just GOTTA have the shoes! The popular shoes range from $100 to even $1,000! It’s a little ridiculous, but as middle school boys, footwear kinda defines your wardrobe. The most popular shoes are the models made by NBA all-stars Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James.

Each individual player comes out with their own new model of shoes every so often. Personally, I prefer Kevin Durant shoes, and I have KD4’s (his fourth model). All of my friends have basketball shoes, no matter what sports they play. Oh, and one pair is most definitely not enough. I’m having a bar mitzvah soon, so there’s no way I am getting any sort of new, cool shoes before then.


However, many people have several pairs of shoes, with a variety of colors. My friend on my basketball team Brandon, owns at least… Lets say at least 7 pairs. It’s kinda ridiculous, but as I said before, it’s an addiction. Most boys cherish socks and shoes, and are attracted to most “cool” basketball footwear, and it’s a pretty awesome, yet expensive trend.

I bet Nike is pretty pleased.


3 thoughts on “Nike socks: a new Elite level

  1. It’s not the shoes, my boy, but the athlete who is wearing them that is cool. If you’re good enough maybe Nike will manufacture a pair of sneakers that you design some day.

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