Maplewood Looks to Repeat

As I told you before, my basketball season had its ups and downs. However, we can’t worry about the past now. It’s playoff time. We finished the season 11-3, winning 74-20 and 89-18 in two of our final games as we claimed a spot in the playoffs for the second year in a row.

Unfortunately, like last year, we weren’t able to get home-court advantage. So, once again, we will have to play on the road, without our loud, rowdy crowd. Last year, we beat undefeated Verona and then West Orange, both games on the road. We are currently the reigning champs. However, this year, South Orange became a firepower, and they are undefeated!

Undefeated West Orange and South Orange play each other Wednesday, for the last regular season game of the year. The winner gets the 1-seed in the playoffs, home-court throughout the whole playoffs, and they play Verona in the semifinals.

The loser has home-court advantage in the 1st round, and they play us in the 1st round. Our team wants West Orange to win because we think they are the better team. South Orange has two players, so all we have to do is stop one of them, and we are in good shape.

j playing basketball

West Orange plays aggressive, tenacious defense and has many weapons offensively. There are several ways West Orange can beat us. South Orange, quite different. They have Breizh and Brandon, their two stars, and that’s it.

Basketball in basket

We beat them twice last year by 50 (each time) without Breizh and Brandon.

So, we are pulling for West Orange on Wednesday. Now, our mindset is different now that it’s playoff time. Stephon, our star six-foot center has rejoined the team, and we are working very hard to accomplish our goal: WIN IT ALL. Many people have been posting on social media such as Instagram with phrases like: “Keep Calm, Maplewood is Gonna Bring This One Home.”


We definitely lost our reputation when we lost to South Orange and Cedar Grove, so we have a lot to prove. All we have to do is get to that Championship, and we are home free. We get a trophy, and, if West Orange beats SO, we’ll have gone further than South Orange.

Right now, we have one goal, and one goal only. Each and every person on this Maplewood team is gonna give everything they have to get to the Championship, especially me. We need to prove that we are still “for real”. Actually, right now, as I am writing, my mom is nagging me to eat because I have another practice tonight! Good luck, MMS!


2 thoughts on “Maplewood Looks to Repeat

  1. You have to eat! Keep chowing down those carbs for strength, practice hard and good luck in the playoffs. I am looking forward to the next blog

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