Fresh-Men And Young Wolverines Undefeated

Well, thanks to a little help from North Carolina State yesterday, Michigan’s basketball team is #1 in the country. That is, if they can beat arch rival, Ohio State today. Honestly, I don’t like being the #1 team in the country, because there is a lot of pressure, no matter who you play.

I was just fine sitting at #2, with less pressure. However, since Duke lost, Michigan’s young team has to step up. ESPN analysts believe Michigan is the best team in the country, and coach John Beilein doesn’t have one senior in his rotation.

Michigan is led by point guard Trey Burke, who, in my opinion, is the best player in college basketball. He is quick, agile, strong, physical, and can break down a defense in a heartbeat using his lethal dribbling skills. Whether its shooting, attacking the basket, or dishing, Trey Burke is almost unstoppable.

Trey is accompanied by a fantastic freshman class, including Glenn Robinson the 3rd, Mitch McGary, Nik Stauskas, who has the best shooting percentage in the country, and sharpshooter Caris LeVert.

Additionally, junior Timmy Hardaway Jr, who is averaging over 16 points per game, is the leader of the team, being the oldest. He is also a play maker with his shot, and driving skills.

This Michigan team has amazing, young talent, and they play as a team. I have been watching some of these games man, wow. The unselfishness is so effective, and they play a great man-to-man defense as a team.

This team is consistent, talented, and they play hard for each other, and that is a championship team. If Michigan wins it all, I will be so happy, especially after that horrible football loss in the Outback bowl.

Michigan hoops

All I can say is, I am really enjoying watching such a great Michigan basketball team. When March comes around, everyone better watch out for the maize and blue. Each individual is great to watch, and all of them are quite exciting.

I went to Michigan vs. West Virgina at the Barclays Center in December, and it was awesome. Trey Burke went off, and we won big. Glenn Robinson stole a pass and ran all the way up the floor, jumped at the foul line and slammed it down with one hand.

I was standing and cheering along with the rest of the Michigan fans as the arena erupted. It was ridiculous! Imagine next year, when everyone is experienced! And today, I want this game badly.

Michigan needs to prove something against Ohio State today, and I think they’ll do it. If they win, they’re officially #1 in the country, and have the edge over that school in Columbus.

Even more, my good friend Joe is a huge Ohio State fan. So, a win today could open up quite a few doors, too. When OSU beat us last year, he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut, and I just said, “Wait ’till next year, man.”

So, can you do me a favor Trey? Can you get me a BIG “w” today in Columbus? Let’s hope so. Anyway, today, I think Michigan rolls 87-69 in Columbus. Now, my early season prediction for the Elite Eight- Michigan, Syracuse, VCU, Duke, Indiana, Louisville, Kansas, and Minnesota.



One thought on “Fresh-Men And Young Wolverines Undefeated

  1. Good blog. I guess you are a pretty big Michigan fan! I hope they go far this year because you cannot count on next year – you just don’t know who will stay in school and who will go pro. I hope they all stay in school at least one more year because I think they need just a little more size up front and a little more experience, but I hope they prove me wrong. By the way, I wouldn’t forget Kentucky, North Carolina and OSU from your Elite Eight finalists. I’m looking forward to your next blog.

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