College Bowl Mania

College football bowl season comes with pride and tradition from universities around the country. Especially from the Rose Bowl, my favorite game that’s always played on January 1st, where the PAC-12 winner and the BIG-10 winner play head-to-head in Pasadena.

The turf is a gorgeous green color, and the field includes a rose in the center, with the Rose Bowl logo. It’s one of the most beautiful football stadiums in my opinion, behind the Big House in Ann Arbor, of course.

Michigan was unable to win the BIG-10, unfortunately, but I was happy that Wisconsin played in Pasadena, because my uncle went there (but he pays no attention to any athletics at Wisconsin!), and because one of my dad’s good friends went there, and he actually follows Wisconsin’s football and basketball teams (shout out to you Davy A!)

And guess what Wisconsin? If you would’ve scored one more touchdown, I’d be winning my bowl game challenge! That’s some serious bragging rights down the drain!

In Bowl season, there are many games that consist of two teams that are relatively at the same level of play. There are five BCS bowls, where 10 of the best teams in the country play each other. Last year, I was grateful that Michigan won the Sugar Bowl, (one of the BCS bowls).

However, the NCAA has just implemented a new four-team playoff plan for college football. So, the top four teams in the country will have a single-elimination tournament to decide the champion.

Rose bowl

First of all, I don’t like this because I run the “Bowl Game Challenge”, in which me and seven of my friends each predict the winner in each bowl, and whoever picks the most correct wins.

Now, how am I supposed to do that if there’s a playoff, huh? I mean, I guess it’s like March Madness for college hoops, but c’mon, why make it so hard on me?

Additionally, it washes away the tradition of the Rose Bowl, and all the other BCS bowl games. The BIG-10 teams and fans wont be able to look forward to the next stage, or the “promised land” after winning the BIG-10!

I have always wanted to see Michigan play in a Rose Bowl, and that may never happen, due to this new playoff system. And despite Michigan’s heartbreaking loss in the Outback Bowl this year, I still think we are Rose Bowl-caliber!

Anyway, the real question is: Will the playoff system work and be good in college football? My instincts say NO, just in case anyone from the NCAA is reading! Tell me your thoughts about it in the “comments”.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last bowl game, featuring the second and third best teams in the country, Notre Dame and Alabama, both behind Michigan, obviously. Anyway, I really don’t like Notre Dame, or Ohio State for that matter, so I’ll be rooting for Alabama, who are the favorites.

And, tomorrow night in the National Championship, I am going with Alabama over Notre Dame, 27-13. Roll tide, baby!


3 thoughts on “College Bowl Mania

  1. Great blog buddy and well said. One correction though, it is only a 4 team playoff in place, not 8.

    I think the new playoff system will be great, since now the best teams in the country can settle it on the field rather than having a computer, coaches and so called experts tell us who should be playing for the title. All of who have some bias. Just think how much you love the final four!!!!

    Can you really tell me you wouldn’t love to see Oregon play the winner of ND/Bama?

    Lastly, for the record, the Rose Bowl still exists, so your beloved Blue just need to be good enough to get there. So keep these Great blogs coming, and maybe some day when Michigan finally gets there again, I’ll take you!!!! Love you

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