My Fantasies Are Over!

Yesterday was the last day of the NFL regular season. There were many games including a team that fought for playoff contention. It also means that this is “Championship week” for all the fantasy football participants.

Fantasy football is on online game in which you are in a virtual NFL league. Before the season, your league has a draft in which each person picks a certain amount of players, hoping to create a good team.

Once your team is drafted, you can make player transactions such as trades or acquisitions. I always get an approval from my uncle before doing any trades! Then, when the NFL season starts, your virtual team (that consists of players from various NFL teams) will have a game against another team in your fantasy football league. These games occur weekly.

If your players perform well in real life, and record good statistics, you will have a high score in your fantasy game. Like real life, if you have won several games, the possibility of a playoff berth is high.

Now, private and public leagues are available to all participants. I prefer private leagues, because you know who your opponent is, and you are usually their friend. And, for instance, I am in a league with my friends- that enables us to negotiate trades in person!

Fantasy football logo why we play

As I mentioned previously, yesterday was “Championship week”. That means different things for everyone. For example, in my league with nine of my friends, I hoped to accomplish two things in my Championship yesterday: pride and bragging rights.

However, other people in different leagues might be playing this fantasy football Championship for money, such as my uncle, who wins money every year by winning his league.

Now, is it worth betting money on fantasy football? When you bet money on fantasy football, you’re not betting on your own skill. I mean, yes, there is strategy involved in the process of preparing a good team. Except two weeks ago, my friend hacked my ESPN account and traded all my good players to his team! Luckily, I was able to receive my players back. But believe me, it took a lot of arguing!

However, when it comes down to Sunday, all you can do is pray that your players don’t have a disappointing performance. Even worse, they can’t hear me when I scream “C’mon!”

And that is what many people did yesterday, including me, as the fantasy football season came to a close. Unfortunately someone hacked my account again! They took three people out of my lineup. Those three people had 15 points combined, and I lost the championship by exactly 14 points! UGHhhhh.

So, on Wednesday when school begins, that unidentified hacker is going to have a serious problem! And believe me, I definitely still claim those bragging rights! Anyway, I hope all fantasy football participants had a good game to cap off the year, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


7 thoughts on “My Fantasies Are Over!

  1. Oops, that should have read “Are you sure you’re only 12?” btw, best explanation of Fantasy Football I’ve gotten yet!

  2. Another great blog. However, I was bothered by a couple ofthings. First of all I don’t think someone who hacks into your account is a friend & why don’t you see if you can get protection for your ESPN account so no one can hack into it. After all, this is not something you would do. The second thing is that I think fantasy leagues are great for fun, bragging rights, etc., but not for gambling. I know your uncle says he wins money every year in his fantasy league, but I wouldn’t be to sure. As with everyone who gambles you always hear about the times they win but you never hear about the times they lose. Anyway, thats my two cents. Keep the blogs coming. They are great!

  3. First of all, I’ve won a fantasy title each of the last six years, never said I win them all. So yes I have won money each of the last six years(Michael).

    Another great job Jake!! I think you need to change your account password. Pretty sure people can’t hack into espn, so someone either got a hold of your password or you didn’t log out. Never give that out. I can speak from experience from a couple of years ago when your uncle keith and myself gave an 8 year old sports fanatic our password and low and behold right before one of our biggest games of the year, three of our best players were sitting on the bench. We had even named that team after him, (Jake the Snake). Wonder who that boy was?

    Anyway, I don’t condone gambling on sports games of any kind; you always lose in the end. However I think fantasy is a different animal. If you can afford it, you pay a one time fee upfront and you then have a whole season of pretending to be a coach and can have fun watching all the games. Plus, if you know talent as much as you do, you may win a little money at the end. But that is second to all the fun you will have for 17 weeks rooting on your teams and talking smack with your friends.

    Great stuff again Jake.

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